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Cake Decorating: Holiday Drip Cake

This class is sold out!

This is a cooking class taught by a local baker, Elaine Li.

Elaine, from Sweet & Shiny Bakery, will provide a 6” white cake for class participants to decorate while enjoying a glass of wine. She’ll guide you on how to create a dripping icing effect on the edge of your cake. Elaine will also provide some fun holiday candies to decorate the cake with and, then, she’ll instruct you on how to create evergreen cake toppers. (cakes can be refrigerated for 1 week)

If necessary, please check your spam folder for communications about this class. Please contact Heather Bell if you have food allergies, dietary restrictions or questions and concerns regarding ingredients.


Instructor: Elaine Li Elaine Li is the owner and operator of Sweet & Shiny Bakery located in Columbus. Her journey started as a glassblowing instructor, which she still does as a hobby. Elaine discovered the similarities between sugar sculpting and glassblowing several years ago, which sparked another passion, baking, soon she opened Sweet & Shiny Bakery. Be sure to check her out on Instagram @sweetandshiny_columbus or