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Date Night: Creme Brulee

This is a cooking class taught by Toby Normoyle.

Crème brulee translates to burnt cream, because of the caramelized sugar topping over a silky smooth custard. We’ll start with making vanilla bean custard from scratch. We’ll go through each step in class including caramelizing the sugar with a small handheld kitchen torch. Everyone will get to enjoy crème brulee at the end of class as well as take home their own creation. Light snacks and prosecco will be provided. This class was created with beginners in mind; however, it’s a great option for those interested in a refresher.

Please note: this dessert contains dairy and eggs.

If necessary, please check your spam folder for communications about this class. Please contact Heather Bell if you have food allergies, dietary restrictions or questions and concerns regarding ingredients.


Instructor: Toby Normoyle Toby is a Columbus, Ohio native who has lived in Japan and the possibly more foreign land of Seattle, Washington. With a sweet tooth that rivals Willy Wonka he started learning the secrets of crème brûlée several years ago in order to create the perfect date night meal to serve along with his own take on manicotti. Unfortunately, he has never figured out the right starter course, so it remains unserved. (Salad is not the correct answer!)