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Vegan Breakfast for Dinner

Vegan Breakfast for Dinner class is canceled. 

This is a vegan cooking class taught by chef Millicent Brandon-Porter.

Learn how to reimagine breakfast classics with a plant-based twist. You’ll start by making a custom blend of savory spices to make plant-based sausages bursting with flavor, next, whip up fluffy chickpea aquafaba “eggs” that rival their counterpart. Without using dairy or eggs, you’ll learn how to make pancakes dripping with maple syrup. The meal wouldn’t be complete without mimosas.

Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or simply curious about exploring plant-based cuisine, this class promises to inspire and satisfy your inner child.

If necessary, please check your spam folder for communications about this class. Please contact Heather Bell if you have food allergies, dietary restrictions or questions and concerns regarding ingredients.
Instructor: Millicent Brandon-Porter Hello my name is Millicent, an extraordinary self-taught herbalist, holistic coach, and culinary genius. With 8 years of cooking expertise, I ventured into the world of plant-based cuisine when my son faced an incurable deficiency. My deep-rooted passion led me to launch a holistic health business in 2019, Alkahlivin, where I empower individuals to embrace holistic lifestyles. My profound understanding of herbs and their healing properties, combined with my culinary artistry, creates a breathtaking fusion of flavors that nourish the body and soul. My story is a testament to the transformative power of love, determination, and the harmonious connection between food and wellbeing.