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Blooms & Butterflies

03-10-2018 09-16-2018 10am-5pm daily

Hundreds of colorful butterflies fly freely in the Pacific Island Water Garden, a tropical haven filled with bright nectar blooms. Patrons can visit at any time to see a diverse array of butterflies soaring overhead or basking on nearby plant life.

Ask a Butterfly Expert
Monday–Friday, 11am
Pose your butterfly questions to a specialist during this audience-driven Q&A. Stick around to get a closer look at some of the newest butterflies as they are released, one by one, into the biome. Designed especially for young minds, yet all ages are welcome!

Butterflies 101
Daily, 1pm & 3pm
Get a deeper insight of the species that make up Blooms & Butterflies as a specialist releases a selection of individual butterflies into the biome. With different varieties of butterflies emerging from their chrysalises daily, every presentation is unique.

Discovery Tables
Sundays, 10am–12pm
Every Sunday morning, Metamorphosis Lab Discovery Tables are available for butterfly aficionados of all ages to interact with cocoons, chrysalises and moths with the guidance of a butterfly specialist.

The butterfly metamorphosis can be experienced at home, too, with native Painted Lady caterpillars available in Botanica Gift Shop. Once they have emerged, Painted Lady butterflies can be released outdoors to continue their life cycle.

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