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This year, Orchids is a celebration of sunny days and a welcome respite from dreary winter blues.

Warm, sunshiney days fill our dreams during Ohio's winters. The themed displays of Orchids turn those dreams into reality! A vibrant rainbow of thousands of orchid blooms will fill this year’s exhibition, transporting visitors to the time of open windows, butterflies and buzzing bees, beach trips and refreshing ice cream treats.

Orchid container gardens also serve as pops of color and fragrance throughout the rest of the interior Conservatory.

Special Opportunities To View Orchids

Orchids is included in daily General Admission as well as these Special Engagements and Events

February Community Day February 5

General Admission is waived for residents of Columbus or Franklin County
Tiki in the Tropics February 11

The first Cocktails at the Conservatory of the year is a tropical escape.
February Chihuly Nights February 14

See the Chihuly Collection in a whole new light and explore the Conservatory after dark.

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