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Cheers from the Conservatory & Seventh Son

Published June 20, 2023

Biome is a word for a natural community and everything that makes it up–flora, fauna, soil, bacteria, light and air. Our recent collaboration with Seventh Son Brewing helped build community in the biome that is Columbus, while highlighting the beauty of the Conservatory and our mission of connecting everyone to nature! From March through May, the Conservatory and Seventh Son collaborated on a passion fruit beer we called “Biome,” along with three lovely botanical cocktails, as part of their Giving Everyday program which raised thousands to support our work in the community. Read on to learn more about this partnership, our collaborative beer and how the campaign succeeded thanks to supporters like you!

Biome Beer

Our biome beer got its start in November of 2022. Seventh Son’s quality control technician spent the day with our horticulture team, visiting the different biomes and collecting samples from various blooming fruits and flowers at the Conservatory. Swabs of microorganisms from all around the Conservatory were then isolated with the hopes of finding yeast with positive brewing characteristics. 

While many swabs did not take, a couple of samples showed some hope, notably, a swab from a dragon fruit inside the Desert Biome and a swab from the Persimmon tree in the Bonsai Courtyard. Unfortunately, the swab from the Persimmon tree did not yield attractive qualities and featured a rather funky aroma, which left us with the yeast from the dragon fruit. The yeast was used to ferment beer wort and was then taken to a laboratory at Ohio State University for DNA sequencing. The yeast was further propagated and used to co-ferment the beer alongside a commercially-cultured strain. 

With a combination of science, horticulture, and a blooming dragon fruit, Biome was born. Biome, a Botanical Belgian Wheat Ale, featured a base of barley, wheat, oats, hops from New Zealand, dragon fruit puree, and dried chamomile flowers. The ale bloomed with botanical flavors, the chamomile enhanced the taste, and the dragon fruit puree contributed a wonderful golden-pink hue. 

Red Dragon Fruit Cactus located in the Desert Biome 

In addition to our collaborative beer, Seventh Son also created three limited time cocktails, each inspired by three head bartenders after an afternoon spent at the Conservatory. Featured at Getaway Brewing, the Cosmic Dancer cocktail was inspired directly from the ‘Cosmic Dancer’ hibiscus found in the Pacific Island Water Garden Biome. Found exclusively at Seventh Son Brewing, and named after a song by The Magnetic Fields, The Flowers She Sent was inspired by the Conservatory’s spring botanicals. Finally, Antiques on High showcased Amphioxus, a cocktail named after the begonias found in the Dorothy M. Davis Showhouse, reflecting the same color and dot pattern. Each cocktail was a limited edition, supporting our partnership throughout the three-month campaign. 

Biome Beer with three charity cocktails including The Flowers She Sent, Amphioxus and Cosmic Dancer 

One dollar of every sale of Biome draft or six-pack and one dollar from every sale of each specialty cocktail was donated back to the Conservatory to support our nonprofit mission. With the incredible support of Seventh Son Brewing and community members like you, we sold 1,761 drafts of Biome, 245 six-packs, and 4,402 individual cocktails, raising $6,408. Biome was so popular, we sold out on draft within the first month of this partnership!

What started as a conversation over a shared love of plants quickly became a dedicated partnership between two treasured members of the Columbus community. Thanks to everyone who helped this lively partnership thrive. Together, we help delicious things bloom!

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